A Fishy Story

As a 79 year old wannabe artist living alone covid seemed to be the ideal opportunity to paint lots of watercolour paintings.

Il provvedimento ha come fine la lotta al mercato parallelo, la ricerca deve essere favorita con fondi dedicati alle attività serie. Offrono prezzi più bassi per i farmaci, con l’uso regolare del farmaco l’uomo è pronto per il sesso in qualsiasi momento e ma vi invitiamo caldamente a riconsiderare l’acquisto di quelli.

Arranged for everything to be delivered food, medicine, paper etc. no one visited! March, April May all blank on my calendar. BUT The one half of my imaginative, colourful, innovative brain was overcome by the logical practical side.

I spent hours pouring over covid statistics, trumpisms, shutdowns lock-ins and fiscal policies half of which flew right over my head!

Now it’s faded life is normal, in Queensland that is, my imagination is BACK. I discovered new materials e.g watercolour pencils see the fishy drawing enclosed.

So glad I am seeing loads of things to paint in my mind. Just need to make a fortune now to enable new mediums paints brushes paper.