Busy is a great way to be

During these unusual times we have made it a rule to enjoy our daily pass time of adjourning to our verandah three times a day to play one hand of cards. These times are accompanied by coffee and our beautiful wild birds, i.e. rainbow parrots, magpies, currawongs, noisy miners, and plovers, and if we are really in luck the truly wonderful king parrots.

After the morning session by husband usually goes to his shed to create terrific wooden structures or repairs to bits and pieces and I will take up my most favourite pursuit of sewing, always listening to a CD story from the most helpful libraries.

I am never bored, even though outings have be very restricted, we are blessed with lots of family members who seem to celebrate birthdays so often! One or often two for every month of the year, and actually three on one day, that is special.

Presently I am helping one of our delightful grand daughters settle into her newly purchased home. We are so proud of our darlings as they are all heading towards owning their own homes.

We are blessed to live in Australia, to enjoy the company of good people and the freedom that so many can only dream of. I feel that we have been protected by the isolation of recent times against this terrible Covid 19 virus owing to early intervention of those in power, thank goodness.

Life is good.

By Lorraine Smith