For The Love Of Dogs

I walk my little dog everyday and we came across a foxy that almost used to jump the fence with his bouncing. He belongs to an elderly gentleman Joe who had a fall a few months ago and hurt his hip. Joe’s wife Yvonne is in a nursing home with dementia.

Anyway, I started walking Whiskey, for Joe, the foxy, with my Babette. Now Joe and I cook meals and exchange and I give him some bits and pieces that I am unable to use from food parcels.

In turn Joe helped me to spruce a vintage push bike and even made a great wooden carry box for the back of it.

I’m glad I could help Joe in small ways. I’ve even introduced him to eBay today so he didn’t have to pay $700 for a new heater.

Thank you Care Army for drawing focus to the elderly and vulnerable in communities.

Kind regards,

Joe, Whiskey, Babette and Sharni