Life as we knew it

By Josephine David Petero & Frank Petero

Since I was young our graveyards were small our people were eating well and always on the move; in our gardens and on the water.

Our food was always prepared our way and families always helped each other.

Our community was always doing things together, playing sports, dancing, praying together and crying together.

Life then was healthier and happier, and our community was more resilient.

Today the evidence at our cemetery speaks of how we are losing the old ways and heart disease, diabetes, depression and suicide are taking over.

We must appreciate what we have.

Work for what we want, Work Together!

We are losing our elders; our children must help our elders.

Our children are the reflection of our families.

The children of today are our elder’s dreams and our history makes us who we are.

Our faith and culture is what sustains us!