Pop’s Story

This is Pop, my 99-year-old Father in law, who lives in a local nursing home. Not being able to visit him has been hard.  Usually I would drop in and visit a couple of times a week and take him some fresh fruit.   But the lockdown prevented this.

We did find creative ways to keep in touch. My grandkids (with help from their Mums) wrote  messages to him, which my  daughters took a photos of and I sent them to the nursing home –  to let Pop know we are thinking of him and missing him. The staff printed our photos with our messages, and kindly sent me photos of him back.

This photo is the one they sent us one of him with a message of reply. It may not seem like much, but at the time it meant everything.  The staff have told me they are getting iPads so we can FaceTime in the future and with the easing of restrictions we have finally been able to visit.

I’ll be so glad when this is all over, life is back to normal and I can experience life with those I love. – Wendy