The Constant Gardener

One day while I was out gardening our postie rode by without stopping with a letter, card or bill.

I thought to myself when I lived out bush in north Queensland with four young children and my husband worked away it was the letters from his mother once a week from Massachusetts that kept me going. My husband’s mother would write and tell me all her news, dinners in New York with members of the Australian National Gallery where she would rub shoulders with Gough & Margret Whitlam among other notable people. I in turn would write alternative weeks about living on the farm and which flowers were blooming and how my eldest daughter was made Tin Queen at our local annual Tin Festival being an old tin mining town.

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So I decided that afternoon to write a couple of letters about me and my love of gardening and the next morning I caught my postie on her round of our street. I asked her if she knew any older people that might be alone and didn’t get any mail, she thought about it and offered some contacts I might try so I quickly addressed my first letter to The lady in Mary Street, Cooran from The Constant Gardener ( title of a film I liked).

I asked if the postie would she mind being the go between for our letters and so started our once a week communication between myself & The Lady up the road.

We have both enjoyed swapping stories about our children, grandchildren & our gardens.

Mother’s Day I left a recycled tea cup and saucer in her garden with bird seed on a stand as a small surprise in case her family couldn’t visit.

This is just a small story compared to what others are doing but I guess that’s the point we can all do some little thing to make the lives of others better happier in some way.

By Juliette Horgan